Our Services

There are a range of services available at Kid’s Cove to best meet your needs.


Filial Play Coaching        Play Therapy       Creative Therapy        Parent and Carer Support

Filial Play Coaching – for Parents with a Child aged 0-5 years

This service focuses on encouraging the bonding and attachment between primary or secondary care-giver and a child. This intervention can assist children who may have experienced early challenges, children with developmental delays or with establishing or repairing relationships with fostered or adopted children. Filial Play coaching recognises that in normal everyday life children expect parents to direct them on what and how to do things, give permission and answer questions.  In this approach, parents are encouraged to develop an accepting and permissive environment not to teach or correct a child during special play sessions. This allows children the freedom to explore and the opportunity for growth. While this intervention typically focuses on children aged 0-5, it can also be used as a follow up with older children who have concluded with their Play Therapy sessions.

Play Therapy – Children aged 4 to 12

Play is essential for children to develop physically, emotionally and socially. Play is the child’s natural medium of self-expression and is essential for development. Play Therapy is a method for helping children with behaviour and emotional problems to help themselves. Play Therapy enables children to consider and acknowledge their feelings.  It helps them to learn that it is okay to feel, and teaches them how to cope with feelings in a safe and constructive way. Through Play Therapy the child develops strategies of how to deal with situations in the real world more appropriately.

Play Therapy can be is used for many issues such as emotional and behavioural problems, communication problems, autism spectrum disorders, social integration and enhancing parent-child interaction

Creative Therapy – Children from age 10, adolescents and adults

Creative Therapy uses methods from the play therapy “tool-kit” such as painting and drawing, sand tray symbols, picture cards and clay combined with more traditional “talk” therapy. Best suited for older children, adolescents and adults, this style of therapy draws on aspects of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT),  person-centred counselling, narrative therapy, family systems theory and play therapy as required. As with all services, the emphasis is on providing a safe space to explore a variety of issues ranging from emotional difficulties such as anxiety and depression, as well as life challenges such as family conflict, separation, school adjustment, bullying and friendships.

Parent/ Carer Support Sessions

Sometimes (or a lot of the time!) being a parent or carer is hard work. This service offers support to parents raising their own biological children or for carers raising a grandchild, child or young person in the care of Community Services. Parent Support Sessions give a space to explore options and various parenting decisions and approaches in a way that supports the child or adolescent’s social, emotional and physical well-being. This intervention can vary in duration and frequency depending on your particular needs and may be accessed separately or to complement other Kid’s Cove Services.