Kid’s Cove Creative Therapy

Sometimes children, like adults, can benefit from having a safe space to explore
family changes, relationships, emotions or specific experiences such as depression,
anxiety, anger, grief, school challenges or other trauma.

- Kid’s Cove Creative Therapy can provide that space.

Concerned for your child?
Are you concerned about your child becoming withdrawn or depressed? Do they have constant worries or anxiety, or unexplained illnesses or behaviour changes? Are you concerned about your child experiencing isolation or separation, or self-harming? We can help.
A safe place
It’s when we feel safe that we’re most able to explore our thoughts and feelings and work towards growth. Kid’s Cove Creative Therapy is all about providing psychological services in a space that’s fun, welcoming and most importantly, safe.
Play & Creative Arts Therapy
Play is the natural language of children, young and old, and can give meaning when words can not be found. Through play therapy children and adults can find healing and new meaning in their experiences.

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